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Whether you are conscious of it or not, we all sell everyday. Some of us are paid to sell a product or service to our customers, others need to present our ideas to the Board, ask for a pay rise, or even try to convince our children to eat their greens.

No one likes to be “sold” to and God forbid that somebody tries to “close” us. So, what if, rather than your customer being “sold to” you could solve their problems for a fair and reasonable fee?

Marc’s 5 step S.A.L.E.S. system will not only inspire your team, improve their communication skills and increase their sales. It will also ensure that they and their customers enjoy the process a whole lot more!

Depending upon audience size and organisational requirements, the S.A.L.E.S. system can be delivered as either an inspiring 90 minute keynote speech or for those looking for more in-depth knowledge it can be learnt over a one or two day training event.

"Hilarious and insightful. We left the auditorium laughing and inspired!"

Hannah Howland – Event Manager, Barclays UK

"We all enjoyed Marc’s talk tremendously!"

Alexandra von Maltzan - Group Finance Manager, Proctor & Gamble

"Engaging & entertaining, Marc was a joy to work with in Qatar"

Chris Locke - Global Director of People Development, Pearson International

"The international delegates really enjoyed the ‘sales training’ mixed with a great story. Thanks again."

Peter Beckett - Head of European Marketing, Schroders