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Funny Business

An inspiring talk packed with humour and a serious business message.

Whilst giving a speech a fellow business speaker told Marc that he was “quite funny”. But would a paying audience who expect – nay, demand - laughs, think the same?

“So, you want me to do an open mic spot at a comedy club then?” Marc replied. “Right you are!”

But that was far too easy. Surely a professional speaker, used to playing big audiences, should set his sights higher… or at least further North.

“I bet you a pound that you can’t put on a successful show at the Edinburgh Festival”.

The bet was on, could Marc perform 1 hour comedy show for 21 nights at the world's largest comedy festival?

On what became the biggest challenge of his life, Marc dicovered “7 Keys” that helped him on his road to Edinburgh to win the all important £1.

His inspirational journey complete with setbacks, triumphs and even a few tears and tantrums will inspire, energise and empower an audience to see new possibilities and teach them how to take action to achieve their goals.

Funny Business is ideally suited as a conference keynote or after dinner speech.

You can follow Marc’s comedy adventure on his Funny Business Blog

"Marc exudes confidence on the stage...and fulfils his aim to entertain his crowd and to win a £1 bet, I'd strongly urge Marc to return to Edinburgh next year."

All The Festivals

"Most definitely recommended - not just for the laughs but for the way it makes you feel like you too could achieve something you never thought possible. In betting terms, it's a dead cert winner."

The Skinny

"Marc Hogan... is affable, very likeable and boundlessly enthusiastic."

Broadway Baby

"A master class in PowerPoint."

BBC News Magazine

"Hogan... maintains a varied comedic flow, undoubtedly rising to his set challenge of bringing a full-length comedy show to the Fringe."

Three Weeks